In November, the University of Manchester Christian Union brought 74 students to stay for a weekend at The Quinta. After they had left us we contacted Claire, their group leader. We asked her to share her experience of the weekend including how the group shared their faith with each other.

Claire told us, “Quinta provided a comfortable, warm space with so many opportunities to put on activities and have whole-group meetings. We had a handful of students come and hear the good news for the first time this year. They all said how welcomed and loved they felt. We are praying that they come to know Jesus.”

She described what the group had done during their stay. “The highlight was definitely having the time and space to have a speaker come and talk to us from the book of Daniel. The talks and seminars created time for discussion and questions. It was brilliant being able to spend quality time in the word of God. Individually we learnt and grew and also as we shared together.” Claire continued,The sessions brought us closer together as a group and helped build deep relationships. Students were deeply encouraged. The weekend provided discussion, prayer and truth-filled talks which encouraged members who had been struggling. This gave such joy to us.”

Claire explained why the group chose The Quinta. “We have been using The Quinta for years! We loved just having the space to come away from the busy city and spend time together as a community of students. The benefit of coming here is that it’s easy and we have exactly the space we need! Quinta is used to having groups like ours. We had all our questions answered. The staff were so willing to help make our weekend away run smoothly, being so kind by checking up on us regularly. Giving us the freedom to decorate the rooms and plan our own sessions to suit our students.”

Claire’s final reflection of the weekend. “Every year Quinta is so loving and welcoming. You can tell how much they seek to care for us, both in prayer and practically. We are very thankful for this space which we are able to use year after year.”