Each summer we are delighted to play host to The Forum, a training event for CU leaders from across the UK. In 2019 The Forum was celebrating its 100th year of equipping student leaders so it was a special moment, with over 900 students coming together for this annual festival style event.

CakeThis is the biggest single event that happens at The Quinta each year. With 52 acres and all the facilities of our site, we are able to provide just the right venue. A student posting on our facebook page said, “I was really impacted by this Christian Union Leadership Conference! I am thankful for the way God spoke to me, for the friends I made, and the incredible speakers. First time mass camping in a field too.”

Many CU leaders bring their own groups back to The Quinta for a weekend in the course of the year, and we are always delighted to see them and to offer a space for their groups to develop and grow.

This year at Forum a resource called Uncover Mark was launched. Here’s is just one story of many demonstrating the power and the freshness of God’s word…

Rachel had a few course mates who were so against talking about Christianity that they wouldn’t even ask her what she did at the weekend, because they knew she would mention church.

During the CU’s mission week, Explore, Rachel went to the CU’s pop-up café and took some of these coursemates with her.

While they were there, they picked up a copy of Uncover Mark Gospel and started flicking through. They then took it with them and carried on reading it in their next seminar. Spotting them, their seminar tutor stopped the session and asked what they were reading. They said they didn’t really know, it was ‘something about Mark’. The seminar tutor then took a copy, had a look, and lots of people all began discussing the questions.

The class went through the whole study together – it took three hours!