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We are Centre Ministries but you won’t know us as that; you will know us as Castlewellan Castle, or The Quinta, or Cloverley Hall. You will know us as places of tranquil rest (or exuberant activity!) surrounded by the beauty of creation.

Maybe this was where you feasted on sumptuous desserts and fed on the Word of God?

Perhaps you met your friends? Your spouse? Your Saviour?

The first place you gave your testimony; or led someone to the Lord?

Where God called you back…or called you on?

Where you just stopped…and listened?

Whatever your memory, we hope you found space to grow and heard God speak into your life.

Exciting times

Whilst lockdown in 2020/21 and even a bit of 2022 was a really difficult time, we have been so encouraged at how groups have returned to residential ministry, and how we have been able to expand our programme to reach more people.

Quinta Hall exteriorWe have expanded the schools work established at Quinta into each of our sites and have been humbled at how God has honoured our desire to be Centres where the gospel is presented to everyone who stays.

We want to secure our expansion into these areas of ministry by resourcing our teams with the additional staff and skills they need to reach into new opportunities. The return on this work can be slow to build, and so we welcome any financial assistance that supporters can give us on that journey.

How can you help?

We understand that everyone’s situation is different, so we simply present our need to you so that you can prayerfully consider how to help.

We need people to give – themselves; and to pass on news of the need to others. Click below for details:


We need people to come – to holiday with us; to enjoy the space; to make new memories.

We need people to pray – for our decision makers; for our staff; for our guests.

Visit us at:

The Quinta
Cloverley Hall
Castlewellan Castle

We thank God that our centres are full again; where new believers and seekers sit and chat into the small hours with those who have been walking with the Lord for years.

We thank Him for the noises again filling our corridors – the laughter, the preaching, the singing.

We look forward to new generations experiencing what you & I have experienced in these special spaces.

We look forward to God continuing to use us and use these sites for His glory and the growth of His Kingdom.

Can you be a partner in helping us realise this ambition?