Info for Group Leaders

If you are planning to bring a group to The Quinta you’ve probably got some questions….

I’m interested in bringing a group to The Quinta. What do I do?

Have a look at Plan your Visit to get some basic ideas, then get in touch. We’re here to help.

How do bookings work?

Once you have chosen an available date and the suitable accommodation for your group, we can make a provisional booking. We’ll send you all the details, including terms and conditions.

We will hold a provisional booking for you for 3 weeks, to allow you time to confirm by submitting a completed booking form and deposit.

When you complete and return the form and deposit you are agreeing to our terms and conditions and entering into a contract with us

What else do I need to know?

You’ll find lots of helpful details in the Group Leaders Handbook.

When will I next hear from you?

6 – 8 weeks before your visit we will send you a final arrangements pack which includes details of your dedicated duty manager, a final arrangements form, a bed list and a bed linen requirements form.

Shortly after this the duty manager will contact you to make sure you have received everything and to see how you are getting on with your booking. They can offer suggestions to help you maximise the opportunity if your members are being slow at committing! The duty manager will be in touch again in the week leading up to your stay to check we have all the information we need, to confirm sports and pool bookings etc and to answer any other last minute questions you may have.

What do I need to send you?

1. About a week before your visit please send us the completed final arrangements form.

2. On arrival please give us a copy of your bed list so that in the event of an emergency, both you and we know how many people are in each building.

3. Please pay by cash or cheque on day of departure or by bank transfer the next working day. If you need an invoice in advance of your visit in order to process payment within this time please let us know.

Download: Group Leaders Handbook

I want to tell my group more about the centre. Can you help?

We have put together a series of PowerPoint presentations which you can download and then use to publicise your stay at Quinta.

​There is a different presentation for each of our 6 accommodation units – so please download the one relevant to where you are staying.

​Please feel free to amend the PowerPoint to suit your group – and please add in the information specific to you e.g. dates, costs, speaker, any interesting theme and so on.